Another Black Police Encounter Gone Wrong - The Occidental Observer (2023)

Another Black Police Encounter Gone Wrong - The Occidental Observer (1)

I looked at the latest body camera footage, which showed fiveSchwarzMemphis cops brutally beat one upSchwarzDriver named Tire Nichols. He allegedly drove recklessly, although Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis said she could not confirm reckless driving played a role in the incident.

When approached by officers and removed from his car, Nichols resisted by not lying fully on his stomach. He kept turning and raising his upper body to question officers and verbally protesting what was happening to him. Officers continued to order Nichols to get on the ground but were unable to restrain him as he repeatedly twisted and lifted his torso. An officer tried to use his taser but was unsuccessful. Nichols quickly got up and fled on foot while officers gave chase. When they caught up with him about half a mile away, they continued to hit, hit, kick, pepper spray and even beat him with batons, apparently thinking he was still resisting arrest. Why five burly officers couldn't subdue Nichols without buckling his head is beyond me!

After being handcuffed, Nichols was sat down and propped against one of the squad cars. Although paramedics were called to the scene, none of the officers provided immediate medical attention. Nichols was transported to St. Francis Hospital in critical condition. On January 10, 2023, Tire Nichols died as a result of the officer's use of force. An autopsy report later revealed that Nichols "had suffered excessive bleeding, induced by severe beatings."

The five Memphis officers involved in the incident were fired from their department, charged with the murder of Nichols, and turned over to law enforcement. Other charges include aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, misconduct and suppression of office, and second-degree murder. The former officers posted bail and were released from the Shelby County Jail. They are now awaiting their trial.

It is important to note at the outset that I do not in any way condone the actions of these officials. Department policies regarding the appropriate use of force appear to have been clearly violated. My own training and experience as a police officer (now retired) convinces me that the entire incident should have been handled very differently and with more restraint and professionalism.

But with that said, this is yet another occasion where a Black adult male refuses to obey simple commands. How many times do you have to be told to lie on your stomach? Instead, Tire Nichols continued to turn himself in to tell officers he was just trying to go home, as well as other verbal protests. He positions himself in such a way that he does not lie completely on his stomach as ordered.

I saw this a lot when I was a cop, especially with black men. They stiffen, contort their bodies to complicate the search, and handcuff them — all the while asking the same questions (“What am I doing?” and “Why are you arresting me?”) over and over again, even though you already have everything explained in detail and several times!

Blacks do this as a diversionary tactic and to frame the officer and stop him. They also do it to gain the sympathy of the gullible passer-by. Although Nichols said, "I give up" and "stop being so aggressive," it was nothing more than sham verbal approval to drop the bulls' vigilance and thereby take advantage if things eased up a bit. Nichols tried to present himself as the quiet one, although he continued to fight back and disobey the officers' orders. So what you see on the officers' body cameras is the typical drama Black people stage when they are held accountable for their behavior.

Therefore, the same scenario seems to regularly play out when police officers deal with black men: (1) there is a crime, or reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed, involving a black man; (2) Black man stopped for investigation by police; (3) Black man either refuses to identify himself or refuses to be searched when there is legal justification for doing so; (4) Black men resist, either violently or moderately, using verbal protests, repeated questions that have already been answered, and creating as much public chaos as possible to keep officers from doing their jobs.

Whites, who may never have had such encounters with the police and who tend to believe in the innocence of all blacks everywhere, cannot identify with such realities. They have no personal history or long-standing contact with black people, apart from a few they have seen in college or at work. They are therefore not in a position to assess such incidents impartially. Yet once you've had enough encounters with the average American black man's general rudeness and hostility, you begin to understand why so many police officers have tragic and deadly results with the black people they encounter.

Nichols was pulled over for allegedly driving recklessly. Some people have disputed it, but I'm inclined to think there's a lot more to this story than that the cops just decided to stop this poor innocent black driver and beat the snot out of him. Note that the police car in front of Nichol's car blocked him. This makes sense if he's been driving recklessly as you don't want to risk another chance of him driving on a public road.

In addition, the officers quickly approached the driver's door with service weapons drawn. That tells me it's not a normal traffic holdup! Something happenedearlierto the traffic stop, prompting officers to approach Nichols in this manner. The truth of what led to this encounter will eventually emerge.

Another Black Police Encounter Gone Wrong - The Occidental Observer (2)

Something that is overlooked in all of this is why so many black people seem unable to abide by society's most basic rules. At every turn they refuse to be held accountable for their actions. As incarceration rates among blacks in America are skyrocketing, blacks collectively refuse to blame themselves. They are all "innocent" and framed by "whites". It's always someone else's fault, never your own. Whether it's "systemic racism," the "legacy of slavery," or "white privilege," few black people will look in the mirror and admit that their suffering and difficulties are the direct result of their attitudes and actions.

As long as our government and its complicit media insist on coddling blacks and feeding them lies that only serve to bolster today's racial grievance industry, more of these incidents will occur. One would think that blacks themselves would be fed up with all the lies and excuses for their many mistakes, but this would require a deep introspection, self-awareness, and honesty that I believe comparatively few blacks in America possess.

It is good that the officers involved in this altercation were all black. Perhaps it will lead some to realize that large numbers of black people resist the police not because they are white, but because they rebel against all forms of authority. Perhaps through repeated instances of robberies and rampages committed by blacks, which we constantly see on the news and social media, whites will realize that blacks are not well-suited to societies like ours, which require politeness and compliance with the basic rules of order and decency?

To combat "police brutality," many major city police departments will create even stricter policies that will guarantee more incidents like what happened to Nichols. Preventing and punishing officers from targeting the criminal element in their communities — which consists mostly of young black men — and lowering police hiring standards will ensure black crime and police abuse cases will continue indefinitely. Paralyzing officers in the name of "racial justice" sounds good in theory, but in the end it will only serve to demoralize good and proactive officers and hire people who would otherwise never have qualified to be police officers.

Racers will, of course, be viewing the Tire Nichols incident through the prism of 'white supremacy'. They don't want or can't see it any other way, especially when there are ways to capitalize on it. Anything negative that happens to black people always ends up rooted in “white supremacy” in some way.

A recent article inThe Davis Vanguardproves exactly that:

A system rooted in white supremacy" -- according to the Greater Sacramento NAACP -- makes black law enforcement "just as likely" as white officials to kill black men, as they were accused of in Memphis earlier this month, than the former Sacramento resident , Tire Nichols, died after five black officers allegedly beat him after a traffic stop. ...

The Greater Sacramento branch of the NAACP said Friday, "We weep with the community here and in Memphis as we add the name of Tyre Nichols, another local black man who was killed by a system built on white supremacy."

In a statement, the Sacramento NAACP accused them of "condemning institutional racism in law enforcement — black law enforcement officers are just as likely to kill black men as white officers because they are aligning with the roots of white supremacy." ...

The NAACP argues, “When anyone joins this system, regardless of the officer's race, they become indoctrinated by the traditions and practices of that system to maintain the status quo regardless of the person's intent. That's the nature of white supremacist culture -- it lives in systems unless we actively change the structure and culture of those systems," said GSNAACP President Betty Williams.(„White supremacy rooted in killing for former Sacramentan Tire Nichols, Sacramento NAACP charges", 8 January 2023).

Did you get that? Even when black people beat and murder other black people, it's not really their fault. They only do it because they have been so heavily influenced by their "white supremacist roots."

While the former Memphis officers will likely be convicted of excessive violence under the color of authority and serve time in prison, I doubt any of this will prove that Tire Nichols was even entirely innocent of attracting the officers' attention . The media is expected to make him a full member of today's Holy Trinity of Black Martyrs: Rodney King, George Floyd, and now Tire Nichols.

Another Black Police Encounter Gone Wrong - The Occidental Observer (3)

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